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 Clinical Cases  

An Autistic Boy Can Express Himself

Autistic Doing Well at School


Client ID: WC

Gender: M

Age: 5 years old

Level of Education: K3 at a local kindergarten

Level of Intelligence: Normal

Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder with significant language delay

Difficulties Before Clinical Training:

  1. Lack of speech

  2. Limited comprehension ability

  3. Very short attention span

  4. Failed to remain seated for a few minutes

  5. Ignored others in social context 

Achieve Satisfactory Performance in a Mainstream School After Clinical Training

Before obtaining clinical training from our center, according to WC's mother, WC was recommended to study at special education primary school by a helping professional.


WC has been receiving individualised target-oriented clinical training once per week since 2012. After training for half year at our center, WC began to  

  1. talk and sustain conversation with others

  2. have better control of his impulsive behaviours and remain seated in class

  3. show higher awareness of the surrounding people and environment

  4. have better learning ability and understanding of various concepts

  5. demonstrate ability to meet academic demand at a mainstream primary school and achieve satisfactory academic results in Primary 1

Now, WC is 12 years old and he is still receiving clinical training at our center. At school, he maintains his satisfactory academic results in Primary 6. His mother says that WC can even teach classmates on English subject as he achieves excellent results in English. WC is going to enter a mainstream secondary school in the following year. 

WC's Academic Report at Primary 1
WC's Academic Report at Primary 6
Lam_academic report_P6_anony.png
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