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When Do I need Consultation?

Do you have any doubt regarding your / your child’s risk for any brain disorders (e.g., ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dementia, Amnesia)?


Is your child / are you being diagnosed with any brain disorders but still demonstrates significant cognitive, behavioural or social problems and you are not certain how to help your child / yourself?


Does your child / do you display some cognitive, learning, or behavioural problems with unknown reasons? 


If you are experiencing the above situations and do not know how to proceed to help your child / yourself, you may consider seeking for our professional recommendation by meeting our director (Prof. Agnes Chan) or our clinical psychologist (Dr. Sophia Sze) through an individual consultation session or a group consultation session. We would provide professional advice on how to help you or your child and a thorough explanation about our assessment and training services.

Individual Consultation

You can book an appointment to see one of our clinical psychologists.

Service Fee: HK$2,000 - 4,000 per session (50 minutes)

Group Consultation

A group consultation session is offered by one of our clinical psychologist on a group basis.

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