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Individualized Target-Oriented Intervention

  Clinical Training  

Individualised Target-Oriented Clinical Training

  1. A clinical neuropsychological training that tailor-made for the person is based on the results of his/her clinical neuropsychological assessment.

  2. Select training method and difficulty level that suits the baseline ability level of the person and then gradually increase the difficulty level of the training

  3. The person's progress will be monitored and the training approach will be adjusted accordingly when necessary.

  4. The training aims to enhance an individual's cognitive functions, behaviours and psychological wellness.

  5. The training can be provided by our clinical psychologist. Each module of training lasts for 4 sessions.

  6. It can also be provided by psychological assistant under the supervision of our clinical psychologist. Each module of training lasts for 12 sessions, after which our clinical psychologist will provide a 30-minute feedback session for the client so as to review the progress and adjust treatment plan, where appropriate.

  7. Each clinical training session lasts for 50 minutes.

  Service Fee: 

  a) By clinical psychologist:

      HK$ 5,600 (for 4 consecutive stipulated sessions except sick leave)

      HK$ 8,000 (4 sessions in total except sick leave, 1 make-up session is allowed for every 4 sessions, with at least 48-hour notification)

  b) By psychological assistant *:

      HK$12,000 (for 12 consecutive stipulated sessions except sick leave)

      HK$15,000 (for 12 non-consecutive sessions except sick leave)

      HK$25,000 (12 sessions in total except sick leave, make-up session is allowed with at least 48-hour notification)


* Low-income family can apply for a reduced training fee. Applicants please click here to download the application  form, and send the completed application form together with the proof of family income or other related documents to us through email ( or mail. Please WhatsApp our staff (9139-2705) for enquiry.

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