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Vocabulary Ability from 0% to 82%

 Clinical Cases  

Vocabulary Ability From 0% to 82%


Client ID: CC

Gender: M

Age: 5 years old

Level of Education: K3 at a local kindergarten

Level of Intelligence: Normal

Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder with significant language delay and attention deficit and hyperactivity symptoms

Vocabulary Ability Improved From 0% to 82% After Clinical Training For Five Months

Difficulties Before Clinical Training:

  1. Delayed language development for about 3 years 

  2. Difficult to express his ideas in complex and organised speech

  3. Difficult to sustain attention on task that he is not interested

CC received our individualised target-oriented clinical training that was targeted to train up his language and attention. He also performed home training as suggested. 


After five months of clinical training, CC demonstrates 

  1. improved vocabulary ability from 0% to 82%

  2. improved phonological and listening accuracy from 0% to 100%

  3. improved sustained attention from 0% to 73%  

  4. significant improvement in daily verbal communication after about 3 months of clinical training as reported by his parents. He is able to verbalise his ideas in more complex sentences presented in an organised manner. 

CC_Training progress_new.png
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