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A Dyslexic Girl Gets a Pass

 Clinical Cases 

Dyslexic From 0 to 80​


Client ID: MM

Gender: F

Age: 6 years old

Level of Education: Primary 2

Level of Intelligence: Normal

Diagnosis: Specific Learning Disabilities (or Dyslexia) and Autism Spectrum Disorder

From 0 to Above 80 Marks in Dictation after Clinical Training

Difficulties Before Clinical Training:

  1. Hardly remembered how to write and read Chinese and English words despite a lot of time and effort put forth in revision

  2. Often obtained zero mark in dictation

  3. Failed in Mandarin Test

  4. Very frustrated and desperate about studying and wanted to give up


After receiving our clinical training for six months, MM is able to

  1. achieve about 80 marks or higher in both English and Chinese dictations and passes the dictation exams.

  2. maintain similar satisfactory level of performance in dictation throughout the academic term.

  3. obtain her "first pass" in the Mandarin Test.

  4. learn faster and studying becomes less stressful and effortful for her as reported by her mother. 

  5. feels happier and have higher confidence in her study than before.

Dictation Results at Baseline                     
Dictation Results After Clinical Training
Mandarin Test Results at Baseline   
Mandarin Test Results After Clinical Training
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