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Attention span improved 700%

 Clinical Cases  

Attention Span Improved 700%


Client ID: RP

Gender: F

Age: 6 years old

Level of Education: K3 at a local kindergarten

Level of Intelligence: Moderate Grade of Mental Disabilities

Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder 

Attention Span Improved 700% After Clinical Training For Five Months

Difficulties Before Clinical Training:

  1. Attention drifted after a few seconds most of the time

  2. The maximum duration of her sustained attention on task was less than 1 minute given repeated verbal and gestural prompting

  3. When she was required to sustain on task for more than 1 minute, her performance accuracy rate is below 30%

  4. Fleeting eye contact and usually looked at others for 1 - 2 seconds during social interaction

RP received our individualised target-oriented clinical training for five months. One of the training targets was to enhance her attention. She also performed home training as suggested. 


After five months of clinical training, RP demonstrates 

  1. longer sustained attention from one minute to 7 minutes

  2. higher performance accuracy rate in the sustained attention task from 27.5% to 67.6%

  3. less fleeting eye contact and can continuously look at others for at least 10 seconds during the conversation with others 

treatment progress_RP_Eng.png
treatment progress_accuracy_RP_Eng.png
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