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  Who We Are  

Our Uniqueness

Expert Team Led by Clinical Neuropsychologist

Our clinical assessment and intervention programs are led by our clinical neuropsychologists, whose expertise is in understanding the cognition, emotion and behaviour of human beings from brain science perspective and providing effective brain-based intervention to improve a person's thinking process, emotion regulation and behavioural pattern.

Provide Intervention Supported by Clinical Research

We develop and adopt clinical intervention methods that are supported by scientific evidence. The intervention programs that are developed by our centre are based on our nearly 20 years of clinical research conducted by our research team at the Department of Psychology in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Our research team has been dedicated to explore cost-effective intervention methods for children with special education needs (SEN) since 2002, of which the research findings were published in high-ranking international journals.

Innovative and Integrative Intervention

Our intervention programs have integrated the knowledge of brain science, psychology and lifestyle medicine that made them a unique and innovative approach to enhance the brain functions and psychological condition of children with SEN as well as typically developed or gifted children.

Apply Advanced Technology in Clinical Services

We make use of advanced technology in clinical assessment and intervention for our better understanding of the child's condition and better treatment effectiveness. These technologies include eye-tracking, near-infrared spectroscopy and electroencephalography.

Care and Passion for Children with SEN 

Our expert team began to provide clinical services to children with SEN for more than 15 years. Many of the cases we have treated at their preschool age are still in connection with us for more than 10 years, and they now become young adults. With our care and passion for those children and their families, we truly understand their needs at their different transitional stages during their development and appreciate their unique merits and values.

Job-related Training and Work Opportunity for Youngsters with SEN

We value the potential of many youngsters with SEN to secure a meaningful job and contribute to the society. Therefore, we provide on-the-job training for young adults with SEN with the aim to equip them with adequate social communication, problem-solving and stress management skills at work place such that they can be more capable of securing a job in future. We also want to educate and train up their passion on helping others by working as assistants to provide training for younger children with SEN. 

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Mr. Mark Chiu
  Mr. Mark Chiu 

Mr. Chiu Ching Nam Mark began to learn piano and music composition since childhood under the nurture of his father Mr. Chiu Tsang Hei. He has attained the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Grade 8 in Theory and Grade 5 in Clarinet, and Trinity College London LTCL in Music Composition. In recent years, Mr. Chiu has been participating in the music training for children with SEN, which includes assisting in several interactive concerts and music neuropsychology training classes for children with special needs that are organized by the Department of Psychology at Chinese University of Hong Kong. He also receives SEN-related training from the National Autistic Society and training on Neurologic Music Therapy from the University of Toronto. He has also been assisting with the clinical training for children with SEN.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-08 at 9.03.27 PM.
  Mr. Baffin Chan 

Mr. Chan Chiu Hung Baffin has over 40 years of experience in music. As early as in 1983, Mr. Chan has attained the Grade 8 certificate of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, and his expertise is in classical guitar, piano and theory of music. Since 1980s, he began to have music performance at the Hong Kong City Hall and participated in multiple classical guitar performances of the Baroque Orchestra at the Hong Kong University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Baptist University. Mr. Chan began his training in classical guitar with Mr.  Szeto Chi Chin, and his training in piano with Ms. Amy S. B. Chu.  Mr. Chan has won the champion of many guitar competitions, including Yamaha Guitar Festival and Joint University Music Competition. He also helped the Music Office of the Leisure Cultural Services Department to promote music, and taught to play folk songs with classical guitar and piano at Tsang Fook Piano Company and Rockson Piano Company. Mr. Chan is a charitable person who teaches music for free during his spare time. Recently, he stepped down from the business field and began to devote himself to music again, and hoping that his attainments in classical guitar and other music talents can be passed down to the next generation.

Fluent, Coherent and Organised Speech After Intervention

In the individualised target-oriented intervention, we provided Ching with culturally adapted language intervention programs developed by our team. The intervention programs are graded in different level of difficulty and complexity.  


Ching demonstrated progressive improvement in his language ability since intervention. His verbal expression has been enhanced from no speech to mastery of basic verbal communication at a younger age, and then from having non-fluent, irrelevant and disorganised speech to fluent, coherent and organised elaboration of his ideas and emotions at later stage. An example of verbal expression of Ching is illustrated below, where he was asked to describe a picture of a child wearing a pair of shoes. His understanding of concrete and abstract concepts have been improved too. He also showed better eye contact and alertness to details and better control of withholding irrelevant speech content and meaningless sounds. 


Verbal Description After Intervention 
Verbal Description Before Intervention                                            

Ka Wing , Ka Wing is wearing socks. Because he ...... he knows how to wear shoes and socks ...... er ...... er ...... knows how to take care of himself. Therefore, Ka Wing has grown up. 

Ka Wing is about to go out. He sits on a chair and is wearing socks and shoes. He wears socks for good hygiene and wears shoes to protect his feet. Ka Wing has grown up and his mummy becomes relieved. His mummy is relieved given that Ka Wing knows how to protect himself and can go out on his own. Go out, also, Ka Wing goes out to the park and feels very happy. When Ka Wing's friends meet him, they feel happy too. When going out, we have to check if our dress up is tidy or not.

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