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  Enrolment for Free Online Q & A Session 


Hosted by Prof. Agnes Chan



Free Online Q & A Session Form


Details of Participant:

聲明及簽署 Declaration and Signature
本人明白以下事項 I understand the following matters:
1. 普及專注力培訓只適合智力正常,無嚴重情緒/行為問題及能自行操控電腦的人士參與。 ​The affordable attention training is mainly suitable for individuals with normal intelligence and without severe emotional or behavioural problems, and can manipulate computer on his/her own. 
2. 申請人請細閱培訓詳情及要求,本會有權拒絕任何申請,而無須作任何解釋。Applicant should read the training details and requirements carefully. The Association reserves the right to reject any application without any explanation.
3. 申請減費之申請人,須向本會遞交家庭入息證明文件或其他相關資料。詳情請與本會職員聯絡(WhatsApp: 91392705)。Applicants applying for the reduction of training fees are required to submit proof of family income or other related documents to our Association. Please contact our staff (WhatsApp: 91392705) for details.
4. 因颱風或其他惡劣天氣而被取消之課堂,恕不設退款。本會職員將聯絡申請人安排補課事宜。No refund will be arranged for training class cancelled due to bad weather. Our staff will contact the applicant to arrange the make-up class accordingly.
​5. 參加者不論因任何理由缺席(包括病假),恕不設退款或補課。No refund or make-up class will be arranged for any reason of absence (including sick leave).
6. 本會有權隨時終止參加者的訓練(例如情緒失控、有破壞或攻擊性行為、在課堂上干擾其他參加者等)。The association reserves the right to terminate the training of participants at any time (such as emotional outburst, destructive or aggressive behaviour, disturbing other participants in class, etc.).
7. 本會保留隨時更改或終止各項條款及細則之權利,而無須另行通知。如有任何爭議,概以本會之最終決定為準。The Assocation reserves the right to amend or terminate the respective terms and conditions without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, the decision of the Association shall be final.
8. 申請人有權查詢及更正所提供的個人資料。Applicant reserves the right to enquire or amend their personal particulars provided to our Association.
如閣下同意上述事項,請在下方填寫你的姓名。If you agree with above-mentioned matters, please type your name below.
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